By over 3-decade experience in the TV program creation, long experience of executives and personnel in the entertainment business, and strong determination of local and foreign alliances to shape different entertainment styles for audiences, the Company’s TV program business seems the entertainment focus for any families, and has brightened up Thailand’s entertainment industry. The variety program or light entertainment program, in particular, is one in which the Company has been so skillful that it has been called “King of Variety”. The program contents are fulfilled by creative ideas, which makes fame and pride to the Company, not only in Asia, but in other countries across the world.
The Company’s TV program business may be divided into 3 types:
TV program business via digital TV station
The Company has produced many TV programs for all groups of audiences based on expertise in initiating a variety of program contents and styles. It successfully inspires and delivers entertainment to audiences, to be broadcast via “WORKPOINT 23” TV digital channel” under the commercial digital terrestrial TV license at the national level in the standard definition category.
The TV programs broadcast on “WORKPOINT channel” can be divided into 3 main types as described below.
TV program business via online channels
Since 2016, the Company’s program broadcasting has been fully done via every online platform, e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Line, and website/application of the Company along with WORKPOINT 23 channel to serve the public demand, and to get along with the situation, age, and audiences’ changing behavior.
Online channels for the Company’s program broadcasting may be divided into 3 main types:
TV program licensing business
By long experience in operating the entertainment business as integrated with the unlimited power of creativity, the Company continues recording its success by selling its TV program licenses (licensing)
TV Programs
including Brazil, Netherland, Sweden, United States of American, France, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and so on. Such licensing is in forms of program format license and finished program license.
The licensing patterns are detailed below