The event marketing business is an important tool to serve customers’ demands and purposes. It is operated by Bangkok Exhibition Company Limited or BEX, which fully creates many significant activities for both government and private sectors, including the festival, concert, seminar, official procedure, or international convention.
The company has been entrusted by many customers in the private business sector, advertising agencies, and government sector to organize their honorable events such as World Expo 2015 at Italy, 34th and 35th ASEAN Summit, Red Cross Fair, and Money Me Show arranged for KASIKORN Bank, and so on.

Except the event marketing activities arranged for many external organizations, the Company also arranged some activities to extend the TV program popularity, which have been held continuously to fully serve the customers and activity participants’ demand such as Thailand Ran Ded Fair, Siam Street Fair, etc.

As the business sector has been turned into the digital transformation; the Company has developed the activity and entertainment events to be the online or virtual events via live streaming on the applications of several platforms, e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other live platforms to attain the customers’ demand as seen in Thai Honda Manufacturing event, Haier electrical products, “Tha Mai Thing Kub Café Kao Chong” campaign season 1-2, “Online Red Cross Fair, Year 2020 and 2021”, “Arts of Siam” and “ThaiTems” of the Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture, etc.


All demands of each customer deem our first priority. We have never stopped our work improvement to ensure the best time and impressive experience would be delivered to our customers. We do believe that each customer is actually substantial and we are capable of delivering the constructive pieces of work to them under creative ideas and quality teamwork as to the word we adhere to “Never Say Never”.
“...our team creates all activities by love, comprehension in behaviors and demands of customers. Regardless of how difficult the customer demand is, we always make our best endeavors to find out the best solutions for them...”

Bangkok Exhibition Company Limited (Head Office)

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