Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited is one of leaders in the integrated entertainment media production and creativity in Thailand. Workpoint Entertainment PCL. makes its best endeavours to deliver both entertainment contents and joys to all Thais at all ages across the world.
The production experience and expertise coupled with innovative development and entertainment creativity finally initiate 4 core businesses of the Company; namely, 1) TV program business; 2) Event Marketing business; 3) Concerts and Plays business; and 4) Other businesses.
Years of Accomplished Experience
From the first pace in 1989 when Workpoint began to create TV programs reflecting some exceptional features, it was historically recorded in the Thai television regime while these unique features have been retained up to now.
Core Businesses
The Company has gradually expanded its operations to other businesses to strengthen and fulfill its business completely.
Be united to develop the Company’s direct and indirect potential to cover and correspond to its future growth.

TV Program Business

The Company has operated the TV program business for digital broadcasting via “Workpoint 23” channel and via every available online platforms. This business also includes the sales of TV program licenses created by the Company to other TV stations around the world.
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Event Marketing Business

To provide the fully integrated event marketing service to serve marketing and public relations needs and purposes at any activity size. These activities can be the press release, festival, seminar, formal procedure, international convention, or other activities as requested by customers.
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Concerts and Plays Business

To business in forms of concerts and plays, and performed by many professional singers and performers under the international production at the Company’s theatre located at the center of Bangkok.
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Other Businesses

Other related businesses have been undertaken, including the theatre space rental service, artist management business, movie business, etc. to fully support the entertainment business.
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