Rights of Shareholders

The Company recognizes and values its shareholders, and grants rights to shareholders equitably.

  • The Company has policy of giving its information accurately via the shareholders’ meeting of the Company to be held at least once a year; every shareholder holds rights in receiving the dividend payment, in sharing his or her opinions or advice, and in making decision on any significant changes of the Company.
  • The Company always facilitates all shareholders equitably. The date, time and venue of every meeting of shareholders shall be scheduled and notified in advance by a written notice. All shareholders shall be informed of documents to be presented before the shareholders’ meeting.
  • Their parking area shall be reserved, together with the shuttle service, snack and beverage for all shareholders on the meeting date. The Company also facilitates some shareholders who are unable to be present at the meeting, that is, they could authorize an individual person or an independent director of the Company to vote on their behalf.
  • The Company permits and encourages every shareholder to raise questions or share his or her opinions in the meeting equitably. The Company also encourages its directors to attend the shareholders’ meeting, especially the Chairman of the Board of Directors, to clarify doubtful issues to the meeting. To enhance the transparent, efficient, and verifiable meeting,
  • The Company shall use voting ballots in every agenda while the barcode system is used for vote counting in each shareholders’ meeting. The vote outcome shall be also disclosed in the minutes of the shareholders’ meeting.
  • The Company allows the shareholders to receive its information via the website (https://www.workpoint.co.th) to make decisions on voting. Moreover, the Company refrains to take any actions that may limit the shareholders’ chance to study the Company’s information.
  • For any inquiries, the shareholders may contact the Investor Relations (IR) Unit of the Company at 0-2833-2286 or E-mail: ir@workpoint.co.th