Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited
is determined to operate the business constructively with social responsibility mindset.
Throughout the long period of its business operation, such intent has been continuously implied through the Company’s TV program patterns and activities. To elaborate, the contents presented must valuable contents which create smiles, opportunities, and public inspiration. The Company also places the strong policy to carry out certain social activities through “Workpoint Foundation”.

Workpoint Foundation

Established on April 5, 2016 as a core unit to carry out some social activities of the Company. The Foundation adheres to the good governance guideline to balance the operations
In 4 areas ; namely, public, youth, religion and culture, and environment.

The guideline and presentation of all TV programs and activities focus on educating the public together with entertainment, inspiring the audiences, and liaising for disaster mitigation through various TV programs of Workpoint.

In addition, certain activities have been developed through programs created by Workpoint in order to support persons who have been in trouble or suffered in life, e.g., Wit Makes Miracle program, Mic on Debt Off program, and a special TV program which allows Thai entrepreneurs to publicize their products in Workpoint’s Midday News program broadcast via television and online media, etc.


The Company has given support for scholarships and sports equipment to local schools with shortage of resources nationwide, and to students with good academic achievements but no financial support. These activities have been done continuously up to now.

The Company also emphasizes on presenting TV programs offering knowledge, and shifting abilities of Thai youth in different areas. Besides, the Company allows the pupils and university students to visit its program shooting so that they would enhance the ultimate benefit. The Company also assigns its representatives to deliver lectures in many institutes in order to disseminate the Company’s knowledge and innovation for sustainable growth of the Thai society in the future.

Religion and Culture

The Company has been involved in supporting religion and Thai culture through the Company’s operations in each business. To elaborate, the Company’s TV programs always deliver Thai ways of life, belief, custom, tradition, and culture to the society by constructive means as the Company greatly recognizes roles of media in rooting good perspective in religion and culture while it also encourages its employees to take part in any important religious ceremonies as much as possible.


The Company places the guideline on energy consumption for maximum interest. The energy conservation guideline is implemented through the design of the Company’s building office to be exposed to the natural light. Clean energy becomes an alternative of reducing the use of electricity by installing the solar cell system. The Company also makes a campaign of separating the garbage correctly, and recycling the used paper to be props in TV production set. Further, a working team is set up to deal with energy management and control. The policy on this matter will be reviewed every year to ensure the efficiency of energy consumption.